We will expand employment by growth with aggressive investment.


We catch the customer's need and realize new products with our solutions.


We aim for the company which can timely respond to changes in society.

We believe aggressive investment makes higher productivity. Improving productivity leads to the GDP increase and is useful for enhancing national strength. Also, aggressive investment keeps our economy going, contributes to the economic expansion and creates new employment opportunity. It is one of the most important roles as a company to expand employment.

By responding customers problems, we assist customers to develop new products and to provide great products to the world.


We will keep to pursue our existence value.

For achieving our vision, it is important to make investment plans with long term perspectives without too much concerns about annual balance. Also, by improving work environment, we motivate our employees and manage our company with the full participation. Furthermore we aim to become the essential company for our customers, suppliers, neighbors and any other concerned parties, eventually for all human beings.



Proactive proposals to meet customer's needs

We listen to our customer's needs, find out customer's agenda and propose proactive solutions. We can propose the best solution which we have gained from a wide range of our business.


Our commitment to quality

We control product quality with strict quality assurance system gained from our experience of working with automobile related manufacturer. We minimize failures, using a variety of analysis tools as well as using our experience and knowledge accumulated over many years. In case of failure, we take not only tentative measures but permanent systems after conducting a through investigation to determine the cause.


Reliable Supports

As a manufacturer, we contribute customers to make their developing products feasible. If the customer's plan seems infeasible, we deliver feedback on problems of customer's plan. We promise to lead to win-win proposal with reasonable price.


Broad network

We can support customers around the world from all our branches. We will make the best proposal for customers, using broad connections with manufacturers in Japan, China and South Korea to.


Sustainable Environment

We operate our factory with concerns for environment and local community. As a manufacturer who handle plastic products, we actively proceed our research about recycled materials and bioplastics. We also try to minimize an energy loss by pressing forward on digitalization.