The ideal development site to all customers

KANTO MFG. CORP started to manufacture mold toolings more than 60 years ago. After working for resin mold toolings for automobile, we succeeded in ingraining strict quality control system into the organization. To meet customer's needs, we have expanded our business into resin mold product and inspecting machine.
Nowadays, Our entire group manufactures 230 mold toollings per year and is involved in 20 types of automobile as well.

We can offer our products at the competitive price. However, development of plastic product is not price-first, but quality-first. By determining adequacy based on evidence, we offer "safe" products and "safe" their accessories.
We manufacture the products which meet customer's needs with competitive price.


-Automobile resin products- The best proposal with consideration for assembly constraints

The product manufacturers may be weak in designing parts with consideration of mold tooling specifications. On the other hand, mold tooling manufacturers tend to prioritize efficiency of their product(mold toolings) over demands of final product manufacturer. KANTO MFG. CORP. surely considers the best proposal from both perspectives. As a result, product manufacturer can launch as they hope without product design change or modification of mold toolings. It will help a lot to carry out projects painlessly for all.

Two pictures below show improvement idea regarding availability of assembly. Since A was not possible in terms of assembly position, we proposed B which was available to assembly and determine the position.

Our efforts to minimize change/ modification after manufacturing mold tooling

Before manufacturing mold toolings, we actively review flow analysis and warpage analysis by using CAE software "3D-TIMON" so that customers cut test production, time and cost. We do our best to offer the best proposal which meet moth the customer's needs and availability of mold toolings.

The story of our partnership for better future


Kyoraku Co., Ltd and KANTO MFG. CORP


Compliant with ISO 9001 and acceptable level of automobile industry audit

In KANTO MFG. CORP. there are quality control personnels in each site and they put into place a reliable quality control system. We have coordinate measuring machines and inspecting machines of both contact and non-contact types. With these equipments, we can measure errors, warpage, contracting, distortion between 3D datas and actual products. We believe equipments help us control quality system because they can provide difference between the products and customer's requirement with quantified evidences ; such as size, the number of component parts and airtightness. Also, we have deployed Automatic Machines for Quality Control Dept. to manufacture inspecting machines in order to eliminate human errors.

We have been ISO 9001 certified and complied with all requirements. Our production control system is acceptable level of automobile industry audit, as well.

The significance of dedicated measurement workers.

In measurement tasks, workers are required to set "standard" by themselves even when using highly versatile measuring equipment. In other words, accuracy and speed of data processing depend on "standard" which worker decided. Therefore we deploy dedicated measurement workers to offer high-quality performance.


Create real products exactly the way customers image

Our engineers help to visualize and embody customer's image on meeting, using roughish illustrations. From roughish illustrations, we achieve mutuall understandings and eliminate gaps between customers image and ours. Based on customer's product design, we discuss and advise to improve product design from a perspective of a mold tooling manufacturer and complete mold drawing. Even if the customer hasn't desided tha product design, we can lead the customer to the goal, spending a lot of time discussing. After catching customer's request like design, size, quantity and purpose, we propose the appropriate method and resin material to achieve customer's demand.

Ability for reverse engineering

Even in the case you have only an original product, we can get scan datas with high-spec coordinate measuring machines. This makes it possible to commodity the product without any other information,which is reverse engineering method.

There are a lot of ways to manufacture resin products, including cutting, 3D printer, vacuum casting, mold toolings (injection mold, extrusion mold, blow mold) . Similarly, we need to select the suitable material from various materials considering color, flammability and purpose.

KANTO MFG. CORP. value to guide the most appropriate "solution" for the customer and product development. We would like to be a manufacturer to give advice for better products, as well as to manufacture products as customers order.

We will keep installing new methods without stereotypes. We promise to create the ideal environment to generate the best products as customers image.