We will lead the industry as a plastic provider

Recycle of biomaterials/ plastic waste is demanded these days and various companies feel the need all over the world. But since the materials are unknown, there is not so many companies to tackle the need. With responsibility as a plastic provider, KANTO MFG. CORP. has pioneered biomaterials/ plastic waste recycling business.
We would like to lead the industry. Everyone started to focus on biomaterials/ plastic waste and to put into them practical use very recently. By handling unknown materials, we realized to develop new product with a major apparel company. In addition, with educational institution including university, we exchange opinions about observation/ collection/ study of marine plastics.

Case 01



The case of manufacturing the sophisticated designed desk made by plastic waste

We applied the material we developed when READY MADE commission us to make EASY CHAIR which was released in 2021 to this product. Our team manufactured the table top by crimping bottle caps with high temperature while paying attention not to burn the material.
Bottle caps collected by recycle service are segrated into polyethylene and HDPE depending on the density. We adopted HDPE's bottle caps and completed W700×D700×T30㎜ sized table top.

We recycled approximately 5600-7000 bottle caps with assuming a bottle cap weighs 2g-2.5g. We used original color of bottle cap for mosaic patterns.
Combination with bioplastic/ plastic waste and new method will create new products.

Before manufacturing phase, we can simulate the products as accurately as possible.By installing material texture to CAD, we can reproduce complicated texture design.

Case 02



We will create brand new product using our experience of handling plastics

Since we are familiar with various methods including mold toolings/ mass production molding/ cutting/ 3D printers/ vacuum casting, we can visualize and embody customer's product image. We propose the suitable material and method for the ideal customer's products after catching the customer's demand.
Thanks to our accumulated know-how, we can support development of unknown materials such as biomaterials/ plastic waste. We will effectively lead the customers to product birth with abundant knowledge about each method and resin properties.
Regarding the strength, we cooperate with inspection institution and many other ties in order to manufacture products.

Here is our proposal of products made by bioplastics.
The customer requested us to "manufacture a transparent chair made of PET resin". Regarding the request, we presented our following concerns as a professional perspectives and made counterproposal. People may associate "transparent and hollow" with PET bottles and bring feeling of "cheap." In addition, PET resin may become bluish color, not 100% transparent. Then we proposed to use bio epoxy instead of PET resin.
When proposing our idea, we sent the CG date of the chair which the designer of READY MADE wants for customers to easily image and make a judgment before manufacturing actual products.

We replicated original design chair on CAD with measurement data,
and then found ideal design by changing color and texture.




We will lead the future of manufacturing industry by sharing fun of manufacturing.

Creation with new material is a rich storehouse of chance. As an example, we would like to share the second round of READYMADE "EASY CHAIR." Through manufacturing process of board, we found translucence like beautiful "frosted glass." Eventually we realized that the translucence we accidentally found could express more attractive and modern design than transparent.
Like this example, manufacturing with biomaterials/ plastic waste will bring us new value which we can't imagine from our experience of tool manufacture.

In the past, KANTO MFG. CORP. has fully handled build-to-order manufacturing. That means we receive data and drawings from customers and manufacture the product to comply with specification offered. During that kind of manufacturing process, there are no originality. But manufacturing with new material like biomaterials/ plastic waste has plenty of undiscovered potential. With a certain level of flexibility, customers and we bring knowledge from each other to create new products. By handling biomaterials/ plastic waste, we get opportunity to collaborate with designers in other industry and move on to new stage of manufacturing.

Our new challenge across industries pioneered creative market. "We really feel we create something" Maruyama Mgr. said. His voice was full of delight of new challenge.