Pursuing customers merit is a driving force for our growth.

KANTO MFG. CORP. was founded in 1948 in Kotoku, Tokyo and started as a manufacturer of mold toolings for glass. After a period of concentrating to manufacture mold toolings, we now expand business through blow/injection mold toolings, molded plastic products and mechatronics; equipments for downsizing workers, machines for inspecting, assembling and welding.
On January 2023, we merged a subsidiary NAKAMURA Seiko CORP. Moreover, we will set up Next-Generation-Value-Creation Dept., which makes it possible to propose total service from very beginning phase to the end phase including design idea, product design, trial model manufacturing and sales, flow analysis and defining conditions of molded product, mold tooling design, manufacture, mass production and second round equipment for mold tooling mass production.
Following the launch of Fukuoka Factory in January 2022, we will expand Hamamatsu Factory and improve its mold machines in May 2023. We also have investment plan for extension work of Nagoya Office in June 2023. Not only that, we will invest for digital transform and human resources to deliver more beneficial proposals and products to our customers.
We focus on "aggressive investment," "productivity increase" and "employment promotion" to contribute to Japanese economic growth and also promise to develop mold technique which is essential for automobile development.

President & CEO Akira Watanabe