Our job is manufacture;
Creating the groundwork for the future of manufacture

KANTO MFG. CORP. started to manufacture mold toolings more than 75 years ago. Since then, we have also developed wide range of businesses from plastic mold to automated machines manufacture. Based on accumulated techniques and knowledge, we will install next generation technology and meet diversifying needs of our customers.


The most appropriate development site to each customer

Plastic product

  • The suitable proposal for development of resin product
  • Established system for quality assuarance
  • Creating real products exactly the way customers image

Our entire group manufactures 230 mold toollings per year and is involved in 20 types of automobile as well. We propose and manufacture the products which meet customer's needs with competitive price.


Innovation in manufacturing sites to meet demands varied with the times

Proposal for
automatic equipment

  • Team of "Professionals" to propose the suitable equipment
  • Proposal for automation using collaborative robots
  • Vision of the future - Creating "never stop production line"

We have manufactured a variety of automatic equipments especially for plastic products. We create the manufacturing site focused on next-generation needs such as "Factory automation and downsizing workers," "Eliminating human errors."


Consistent system for development of resin products in Indonesia

Expanding Japanese-
quality to overseas

  • Total support for development of resin products
  • Providing "Japan quality" from Indonesia
  • Globalization of resin product development in the future

It's 20 years since we started a business in Indonesia. We will expand resin product development combined with "Japan quality," working toward advancement in ASEAN countries, eventually that in countries across the world.

Wide Range of


Realization of an integrated in-house system for
plastic product development

Our efforts for sustainability



We categorize our sustainability policy into 3 topics and lay out each goal to achieve. We will make effort to achieve SDGs targets with internal promotion committee.