Accepting diversity workforce and inclusion

We establish the provisions of childcare and nursing care leave systems and already many employees took advantage of the system. When the employees come back to work after leave, we support them for their convenient working environment. We also actively recruit regular employees from part-time employees to hire talented individuals. We will focus on promotion of women leaders.
From view of accepting diversity, we have plans to offer more comfortable working place to elderly/ disabled people. Nowadays 10% of our employees are over 60 years old, but they are still essential workforce in our company. We have also promoted employment of disabled people.


Aiming to create the pleasant work environment for women in manufacture industry

The male-female ratio of our employees is male 80%/ female 20%. Since workers in manufacture industry sometimes handle heavy goods or get covered in oil, few women apply for employment with manufacture company. But there are some sites where many women actively work. We would like to recruit talented individuals regardless gender, and we believe it may lead to have a higher percentage of women. We will pursue better workplace for women and increase female leaders.

Expecting female leaders in molding site

In Hamamatsu factory and Fukuoka factory, female employees work at molding site and most of them are eager to work at the site.
We will help them to be work-site leaders in the future.

  • ジェンダー平等を実現しよう
  • 働きがいも経済成長も
  • 人や国の不平等をなくそう


Working place where even elderly people can give the best performance

10% of our employees are over 60 years old, but they are still essential workforce in each department.
For their long career, we create pleasant environment including barrier-free facilities with railings and step-free access, shortening prescribed working hours and so on. Since their knowledge and skills are one of the most valuable resources in our company, we keep looking at any ways for them.

  • 働きがいも経済成長も
  • 人や国の不平等をなくそう


More effective performance by mutual support of both disabled people and non-handicapped people

Supporting for disabled persons becomes essential management activities in our company. Their sincerely attitude to business may move non-handicapped people's mind.
We aim the company where both disabled people and non-handicapped people help and inspire each other.

  • 働きがいも経済成長も
  • 人や国の不平等をなくそう