Innovation in manufacturing sites to meet demands varied with the times

It has been 15 years since our Mechatronics Dept. has manufactured a variety of automatic machines including pressure check machine, drilling machine, cut process machine for plastic products and missing item inspecting machine by camera sensor, ultrasonic welding machine. Especially the experience in working with automobile industry established our ability because the industry required strict inspection level. Mechatronics Dept. creates the ideal manufacturing site realizing "Factory automation and downsizing workers," "Eliminating human errors" and "accuracy improvement of products" etc.


Team of "Professionals" to propose the suitable equipment

Our Mechatronics Dept. is not the team to manufacture automatic machines to meet the specification, but the team to catch customer's difficulties and propose the best equipment for each customer. That is why we are "Professional team."
KANTO MFG. CORP. has participated in resin product development from mold toolings design/manufacturing to mass production. We will manufacture automatic machines with a customer perspective of production so that we create more effective and more efficient equipment than customer's initial expectation.

Automation to downsize manpower

We take lots of manpower from manufacturing products with old toolings to shipping products. We help customers to downsize "manpower" with automation.


Easy installation of robots Proposal of automation using collaborative robots.

Generally speaking, installing robots seems to be challenging for small businesses because of cost and operation. However, it is surprisingly easy to install robots topically in manufacture line. Our Mechatronics Dept. specializes in proposal of automation using collaborative robots, responding customer's request.
Collaborative robots have human detection system by sensors for safety. In case human comes too close to them, they stop working immediately. Thanks to the system, human and robots can work closely. In addition, since collaborative robots use a 100V power outlet, they can be flexibly placed. Maintenance doesn't require particular technique. Compared to industrial robots, it is more cost effective to install collaborative robots and easier to operate. Especially it is highly recommended for the manufacture line where the producing product frequently changes.

Great performance of six-axis collaborative robots

Although traditional cutting machines can only cut molded resin straightly, six-axis collaborative robots can automatically cut molded resin in a shape of complicated round.

One of the highest priority mission for mass production factory is not to stop the manufacture line. From the experience of working with automobile industry, we have recognized the importance of the mission at the same level as customer's.


Vision of the future - Creating "never stop production line"

Since visual inspection by workers may depend on a worker or his/her condition. It may become cause of human error.
On the other hand, automatic machines accurately work and judging criteria is stable. Since it is obviously far more efficient, factory job may be fully performed by robots in the future.

Machinery manufacture market is filled with spirit of manufacturing

"Thanks of this machine, my hand pain has gone away." Such words by workers make us happy and encouraged. Machinery manufacture market is highly innovative and delightful for engineers. We are tackling the project with that kind of motivation.

Our Mechatronics Dept. has vision of the future. We would like to achieve "never stop production line" even in any unforeseen circumstances including the situation workers cannot get to work. We consider that all procedures should be automated in visual inspection, parts attachment and plastic processing. To achieve our ideal, we try enhancing our knowledge and networks with specialists.
Machinery market has made progress everyday and that makes the impossible possible. Mechatronics Dept. will keep pioneering the future in machinery manufacture.