Merger with NAKAMURA Seiko CORP.


Absorption-type Merger of Wholly Owned Subsidiary "NAKAMURA Seiko CORP."

KANTO MFG. CORP. (hereinafter, “KANTO MFG.”) hereby announces that KANTO MFG. resolved to carry out an absorption-type merger (hereinafter, the “Merger”) of its wholly owned subsidiary, NAKAMURA Seiko CORP. (hereinafter, “NAKAMURA Seiko”), effective from January 1, 2023.

The purpose of the Merger is to improve the KANTO MFG.'s integrated service with technique NAKAMURA Seiko accumulated especially about "molding tools of injection mold" and "mass production of resin mold." Taking this opportunity, the company and all employees are determined to take another strong step forward to grow.

Outline of the Merger

(1) Schedule of the Merger

Effective date of the Merger:January 1, 2023

(2) Method of the Merger

The Merger will be an absorption-type merger with KANTO MFG. as the surviving company. NAKAMURA Seiko will be dissolved.

(3) Status after the Merger

Changes of the Head Office and Factories are as follows.

【OLD】NAKAMURA Seiko Head Office   →【NEW】KANTO MFG. Gifu Factory
【OLD】NAKAMURA Seiko Second Factory  →【NEW】KANTO MFG. Gifu Second Factory
【OLD】NAKAMURA Seiko Fukuoka Factory   →【NEW】KANTO MFG. Fukuoka Factory


To the existing customers of NAKAMURA Seiko, the person responsible will explain the Merger. The individual contact will not be changed. Thank you very much for your understanding.